FODMAP and IBS friendly takeaway (Australia)

So you’re FODMAP free and freaking out about what to eat if you don’t want to cook. Lucky for you I am lazy and don’t like to cook every night of the week.

What are FODMAPs? 

Standing for ‘Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, And Polyols’, FODMAPs are fermentable short-chain carbohydrates that basically ruin your life and happiness. They are foods that cause everything from cramps, bloating, horrible gas from both ends, and frequent toilet trips. Some who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or people at the end of their tether with symptoms like people with IBS, live on a low-FODMAP diet or FODMAP and fructose-free diet. This diet, along with all sorts of tips and tricks can literally change your life.

The main things we are staying away from I have gotten from The Monash University FODMAP app. It does cost a bit to get ($10-ish?), but it's the bee's knees in figuring out FODMAPs. I have followed the diet ridiculously strictly over the last 10-15 years, so know these are tried and tested by yours truly.

I list here mainly Australian chain restaurants and Brisbane based cafes and restaurants as this is where I live.

Takeaway and fast food – nationwide chains

  • McDonald’s – it turns out Macca’s has some options.
    • Fries – FODMAP Free, gluten-free as they are cooked in their own frier, dairy-free, health free, straight up a potato, oil, and salt. Yum.
    • Garden Salad (with no dressing)
    • A note on the sauces – Pretty much everything is not your FODMAP pal as they all have either onion, soy, or wheat in them. Goddamn. However, the plain mayonnaise is a-okay!
  • Domino’s Pizza – seriously, you can eat here. Take a look at their nutritional information page.
  • Pizza Capers – vegan cheese, gluten-free base, go get 'em! Just get plain meats, steer clear of avo and be smart. Woop!
  • Grill’d 
    • Gluten-Free Bun (NOT the low carb bun) is FODMAP and nut-free.
    • Sauces – I honestly don’t know, their website is secretive. DO NOT get the relish!
    • Meat patty – see above re secrets.
    • Chicken breast – should be okay!
    • Salads – ask for no onion and steer clear of avo, no mushroom!
  • Sushi/Sashimi – this is a tad confusing, but if you stick to plain, you will be fine. Ask the staff for help!
  • Rice paper rolls - if you can make friends with your local rice paper roll seller, and you go when it’s not a peak period, it's likely they will help you out a bunch. Check your Monash FODMAP app and see. Roll’d Vietnamese have ‘Soldiers’ that have fried shallots in them, but if you can get it without there are all sorts of options like poached chicken and plain beef.
  • Sumo Salad – or any basic sandwich shop/salad bar, you can make your own salads and are good to go:
    • Salad items – check your Monash FODMAP app for what veggies etc you can have.
    • Sauces – Olive Oil, ask about the others, this is hard.
  • Subway
    • Salad items – check your Monash FODMAP app for what veggies etc you can have. Not sure about sauces though!
  • Zambrero – see ‘Subway’.
  • GELATO! – Lemon or Strawberry gelato is your new best mate. It’s FODMAP free, fructose safe, and is dairy and gluten-free too.

Takeaway, fast food and cuisines with low FODMAP options

Use your Monash University app to check what you can and can’t have, but these below cuisines will have options for you. Ask their staff for more information if you are unsure, and again refer to your Monash FODMAP app!

Takeaway, fast food and cuisines that are off the menu

Some foods you just can’t have as they serve basically only high FODMAP foods that may trigger symptoms or mess with your FODMAP free diet. Sorry.

  • Mexican – Gunman, Salsas, Burrito Bar, Mad Max, none of them are your amigo. If it doesn’t have soybeans, it has onion, or something else sneaky. It’s just a no go.
  • KFC and Red Rooster – you could have the corn? Maybe peas. It’s depressing. I’m sorry.
  • Chinese
  • Indian
  • Fish and Chips.